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Are Bidets Sanitary and Other Misconceptions

When the topic of bidets comes up, one of the first questions that may arise is: are bidets sanitary? Read on to learn the facts about this and other common misconceptions about the use of bidets. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about bidets:

Are Bidets Sanitary?

This is one of the most common misconceptions about bidets. Many believe that cleaning with water alone is not sanitary, while in fact using a bidet is cleaner and more sanitary than wiping with toilet paper. A bidet will gently clean your bottom, whereas toilet paper will smear the area you wipe, leaving the germs behind.

Do Bidets Waste Water?

Installing a bidet will actually reduce your water consumption. Most bidet users will find themselves thoroughly cleaned with just half a liter of water, or less than 1/5th of a gallon of water. When you compare this to older toilets that use upwards of 3 gallons of water per flush the savings is enormous. Even the new style, environmentally friendly toilets, which use more than a gallon of water per flush, can’t compete with a bidet. Add in the water used in the production of toilet paper and the Bidet is the “Greenest” option for your bathroom.

Are Bidets Only for Women?

While a bidet is very effective in maintaining personal hygiene during a woman’s menstruation cycle; it is also a very hygienic solution for men. Regular use of a bidet keeps you clean. This is true for men, women, children, and especially the elderly.

Don’t I Need Soap or a Baby Wipe to get Clean?

A common misconception is that soap is required to clean your bottom. The truth is; using harsh soaps or baby wipes on your genital area can dry out the mucosal lining. In the end this may lead to inflammation, infection, or other health issues. The best way to clean your bottom is with the warm gentle water stream of a bidet.

Will I Need an Expensive Plumber to Install a Bidet and Connect the Hot Water Line?

No, you won’t need a plumber at all. The soothing, warm water stream of a Spaloo Bidet is heated by the unit itself. Just refer to the easy-to-follow installation instructions and start using your bidet right away.

Food for Thought!

So if you are still wondering are bidets sanitary? Think about this; would you ever wash your hands with a napkin alone. Of course not, you always use water to wash away the germs.