Are You In Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

thing-called-loveWhile you might think it’s a stretch for one to be “in love” with their toilet seat, our customers tell us differently. After all, think about the relationship you and your toilet seat have:

  • you see each other every day, often multiple times a day
  • you are on a very personal level
  • visits tend to be in a “good morning” and “good night” fashion
  • there are never any quarrels

While this closeness certainly may not rival love for some with a “regular” toilet seat, users of the Spaloo bidet seat are often so pleased with the product they write to tell us how much they love their Spaloo:

“The guests love the Spaloo toilet bidet seat. It was easy to install and works great.”

– Stephen Kim, Ritz Carlton Georgetown Washington DC

“After spending time in Japan, I fell in love with these toilet seats. Spaloo packs all those comforts into one economical unit with much better quality! Now, I hate to use any bathroom outside of my home! “

– Mario Gatto, Toledo OH, Engineer

“My mother, who is 90 years old and in a motorized wheelchair, loves her bidet seat. She says it is the best gift she has ever gotten, and it is clear she has been being spoiled. When comparing it to her cold, hard shower seat, she patted her Spaloo bidet seat and said, ‘now I am accustomed to better treatment.’ I am glad I bought it for her because it has made her life (and mine) a little bit easier, and she feels like she is being pampered every day. She is also impressed by its reliability.

– Dr. Marcella Marcey, Falls Church, VA, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

“Love it!”

-T. Rose, California

“I miss it every time I’m away from home, especially in the winter! “

-P. Kent, Vermont

These are just a sampling of responses we have received from customers who love their Spaloo. Are you in love with your Spaloo?

Remember, a Spaloo is no ordinary toilet seat. From its cleansing and drying functions to its heated seat, a Spaloo delivers the ultimate bathroom experience. Ecologically friendly and useful for those with limited mobility, a Spaloo truly is for everyone.

It may be too late to surprise your loved one with such a personal gift for Valentine’s Day (the chocolates are already open, aren’t they?), but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are right around the corner.

For more information on Spaloo’s models, visit our site or drop me an email

Take Care!


P.S. I might mention that a Spaloo will not run you anywhere near as much money as one of these expensive toilet experiences: Expensive Toilets. I may be an advocate for a new approach to toileting, but, well… there should be limitations.