Bathroom Humor…

Last night I was out to dinner with some friends, and was introduced to a bunch of new acquaintances. Inevitably, the question came up, “What do you do for a living?” Typically, I see my wife cringe with fear, hoping that the asker has fully prepared themselves for my answer, and maintains an open mind.

Neither my wife nor I are ever embarrassed by the fact that we market a bidet toilet seat. There’s no reason to be. But, certainly, there are the unexpected reactions, quizzical glances, and awkward silences that ensue. Let’s just say that when I explain Spaloo and what it does, I sometimes get mixed reactions.

I’ve gotten “ewww”, “I don’t need to use one of those”, “Interesting…” and so on. I thought I would take the time to comment on last night’s: “That sounds funny.”

Why, oh why is a Spaloo funny?

It’s a serious product that helps lots of people- including disabled, the elderly, people with Arthritis, etc. It is also an eco-friendly product. I would hardly call that funny.

So, should I be offended at this initial reaction? If I were a serious guy, then maybe.

But, when you sell a product that you KNOW has a limited following in America, you open yourself up to that. I welcome the challenge. The woman’s reaction last night at dinner was exactly what I hope for (kind of). It proves that my job has all the more purpose. Not only am I selling a product that many people have never heard of, I’m selling a product that for some, crosses the line as far as what is socially acceptable. Talking about going the bathroom, for instance, is a big n0-no for many. But if I can educate just one person a day about the benefits of Spaloo, and the little known issue of how harmful and wasteful toilet paper is, well, then that’s a great day!

After I explain how I came to realize the importance of a bidet toilet seat, what it does, and why it is useful, most people come around…and are amazed. This only reinforces the lack of knowledge combined with societal predispositions. But, that’s ok. That’s what I’m here for, and why I love this job. If you ever want me to explain these things to you, your group, your parents, whatever- send me an email (bruce at spaloo dot com), or request one of our brochures.

Wanna Know What’s Really Funny?

While I don’t think a Spaloo is necessarily “funny”, I can appreciate that others do. We’re all human, and enjoy a laugh now and then.

A quick search of the web returns results that I think are WAY funnier than a toilet bidet seat. Since I’m a good sport, I thought I would share some bathroom humor with you:






Yours In Health,