Bidet Benefits Compared to a Conventional Toilet

Bidets are very common in many countries throughout the globe and are just now gaining popularity in the USA. The extensive list of Bidet benefits has led to an increase of the number of bidets installed and in use in America.

Top 5 Bidet Benefits

Improved Personal Hygiene

Cleaning yourself with toilet paper after you use a toilet, will not really leave you clean. There will always be some residue left behind on your skin. While you think you may be clean, there will be small amount of feces left behind which can cause an odor and lead to skin irritation and leave you feeling itchy. A Spaloo bidet will rinse everything away and leave you fresh and clean.

Cost Savings

A typical family of four will use well over 200 rolls of toilet paper a year, and likely closer to 250 rolls. With a retail cost of $6.99 per package of 12; you can count on an annual expense of close to $150. Just for toilet paper!!! If you install a bidet you can all but eliminate the need for toilet paper in your household. You may need a small amount to dry off, although many bidets have an integral air dryer which can reduce your need to toilet paper to next to nothing. All you need to do now is find a fun way to spend the $150.

Environmental Impact

So speaking of toilet paper usage! Do you know how many trees are harvested each year just to make a toilet paper? In the USA alone over 7 million trees are consumed in the process on making toilet paper. Not to mention the Billions of gallons of water and upwards of 100,000 tons of chlorine. Add to this the plastic packaging and transportation costs and you can quickly see how installing a bidet toilet will help the environment.

A Bidet is Quicker, Easier, & Won’t Clog the Plumbing

Using a bidet will reduce the time you spend on a toilet. You won’t need to wipe & re-wipe hoping you are fully clean. The soothing spray will leave you feeling cleaner. You can throw away that nasty old plunger as well; no more toilet paper to clog the pluming!

A Bidet Never Runs Out

You’re sitting on your conventional toilet; you have just completed the task at hand, only to discover that you are down to the last square of toilet paper. Apparently your spouse or children didn’t think it necessary to raise the red flag that your home is completely out of toilet paper. To make matters worse, its late at night, the stores are closed and the following day is a national holiday. Now what? This may be one of the top bidet benefits! A bidet never runs out and will always be available and ready for use.
Take advantage of these Bidet benefits in your own bathroom. Learn more about the Spaloo Bidet now.