Why I Would Love For C.C. Sabithia To Need a Spaloo

Happy Easter!

Today was a beautiful Easter Sunday in most of the country. Spring is finally here! Whether you hid or found eggs, attended church, or put yourself in a sugar coma after raiding your kids’ Easter baskets (ok, so what can I say, the Cadbury Eggs get me every year), I hope you enjoyed your day. Tonight, however, is reserved for baseball.

opening-nightThe Boston Red Sox are officially starting their 2010 season with an opener racked with rivalry. Opening Day (or Opening Night I guess) is happening now against the champion New York Yankees. Why start the 2010 season off with anything less than the largest rivalry in baseball?

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Hemorrhoid Sufferers: You Must Read This!

dont-suffer-from-hemorrhoidsWhile browsing through WebMD the other day, I found an astonishing statistic. More than 10 million Americans suffer from hemorrhoids and more than half are estimated to be over age 50. While no one likes to talk about hemorrhoids, I felt that I must bring the subject up, since there are simple ways that may help relieve and heal the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids, and perhaps even prevent them from returning.

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Going Green

eco_friendlyI hope everyone had a nice St. Patrick’s Day this past week. There certainly was a lot of green around- the Chicago River, shamrocks, food coloring enhanced beer, as well as all of the cash that was spent on corned beef and cabbage and cover charges at cramped Irish bars.

Speaking of green, what have you been doing lately to be green? We hear a lot these days about going green, or eco-friendly. Every day there are more and more products coming to market that help make homes more environmentally friendly. There are numerous shows on television that highlight how to make smart renovations or build a home that saves energy, uses recycled materials, or promotes sustainable living. HGTV has even been giving away eco spec homes, this year’s latest wonder in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

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Roughing It Without My Spaloo

campfireThis weekend, I took the family camping to a nice little state park in South Carolina. The weather was gorgeous; a touch of spring was in the air, while the nights were cool and crisp. After the rain that most of the East Coast had experienced this week, it was a welcome reprieve. The fresh, pine scented air was more than welcoming, and we kept ourselves busy with hiking, fishing (a little premature, but hey, it was worth a try), and of course cooking by campfire.

In all, it was a great weekend escape. But, I have to admit, I certainly missed my Spaloo. I know what you’re thinking-this guy is obsessed with his toilet! I know, this probably sounds ridiculous to most folks, but let’s face it: I brought Spaloo to market a few years ago, and well, it’s only natural that every toilet in my house has a Spaloo. I’ll be the first to say that it has absolutely spoiled me. And I think I’m not the only one.

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Celebrities and Bidets

It’s no secret that bidet seats have been in the news a lot lately. After all, they are still a relatively new concept here in America, and are certainly less mainstream than in other parts of the world. Many people are still getting used to the idea, while others still need to be educated on their benefits.

But certainly, the popularity of the bidet is growing. As people begin to realize the health and ecological benefits that paperless bidets and bidet seats bring, more and more people are utilizing these bathroom wonders.

And of course, anything trendy usually has some celebrity backing. As you sit back and enjoy the Academy Awards this evening, I thought it would be a good idea to list some of the celebrities who have come out in support of bidets. Here are just a few stories about celebrities and bidets:

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Senior Caregivers: You Must Read This

Anyone who has ever had to take care of a loved one in their aging years knows that it is no easy job. In many cases, there can sometimes be a role reversal, where the parent becomes the child, and the child becomes the parent. This can be a very trying and emotional time for any family.

According to a study released from the AARP as reported in USA Today, an estimated 34 million Americans serve as unpaid senior caregivers for other adults, usually elderly relatives, and they spend an average 21 hours a week helping out.

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The Super Bowl: Not Just a Football Game

As we all get ready to watch the “big game” tonight, I realize all too well that when most people hear the term “Super Bowl”, they think of the yearly rivalry between two football teams for the ultimate championship. Let’s not also forget, of course, that it is the culmination of some of the most creative, ridiculous, and costly television commercials of the year. I never miss the ads.

However, being a toilet guy, “Super Bowl” has somewhat of a different meaning. I have to ask you which you think is more “super”…something that you watch once a year, or something that you use every day? If you’ve ever had a bathroom remodeled or a broken toilet, you know that life is no fun without your porcelain throne. Why, then I ask is your toilet not considered a “Super Bowl?”

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Are You In Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

thing-called-loveWhile you might think it’s a stretch for one to be “in love” with their toilet seat, our customers tell us differently. After all, think about the relationship you and your toilet seat have:

  • you see each other every day, often multiple times a day
  • you are on a very personal level
  • visits tend to be in a “good morning” and “good night” fashion
  • there are never any quarrels

While this closeness certainly may not rival love for some with a “regular” toilet seat, users of the Spaloo bidet seat are often so pleased with the product they write to tell us how much they love their Spaloo:

“The guests love the Spaloo toilet bidet seat. It was easy to install and works great.”

– Stephen Kim, Ritz Carlton Georgetown Washington DC

“After spending time in Japan, I fell in love with these toilet seats. Spaloo packs all those comforts into one economical unit with much better quality! Now, I hate to use any bathroom outside of my home! “

– Mario Gatto, Toledo OH, Engineer

“My mother, who is 90 years old and in a motorized wheelchair, loves her bidet seat. She says it is the best gift she has ever gotten, and it is clear she has been being spoiled. When comparing it to her cold, hard shower seat, she patted her Spaloo bidet seat and said, ‘now I am accustomed to better treatment.’ I am glad I bought it for her because it has made her life (and mine) a little bit easier, and she feels like she is being pampered every day. She is also impressed by its reliability.

– Dr. Marcella Marcey, Falls Church, VA, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

“Love it!”

-T. Rose, California

“I miss it every time I’m away from home, especially in the winter! “

-P. Kent, Vermont

These are just a sampling of responses we have received from customers who love their Spaloo. Are you in love with your Spaloo?

Remember, a Spaloo is no ordinary toilet seat. From its cleansing and drying functions to its heated seat, a Spaloo delivers the ultimate bathroom experience. Ecologically friendly and useful for those with limited mobility, a Spaloo truly is for everyone.

It may be too late to surprise your loved one with such a personal gift for Valentine’s Day (the chocolates are already open, aren’t they?), but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are right around the corner.

For more information on Spaloo’s models, visit our site or drop me an email bruce@spaloo.com.

Take Care!


P.S. I might mention that a Spaloo will not run you anywhere near as much money as one of these expensive toilet experiences: Expensive Toilets. I may be an advocate for a new approach to toileting, but, well… there should be limitations.

So What Exactly Is a “Toilet Bidet Seat?”

For those of you unfamiliar with Spaloo, or what a bidet toilet seat really is, I have decided to give you a little info. After all, a bidet in any shape or form is not very commonplace here in America. And, while we don’t always like to talk about such “personal” topics, it’s probably time we did. Trust me, when you realize the perks a toilet bidet seat offers, you won’t feel shy about having one.

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Calling All Spaloo Users….

Tell Us Why You Think Your Spaloo Is The Best Seat In The House!

We’re looking for testimonials. We’re working to get the word out about Spaloo, and what better way to do so than to hear from those who use it every day? Please tell us what you love most about your Spaloo. Is it the warm seat during the cold winter months, or the environmental benefits of less toilet paper? Maybe it is the bathroom independence it provides. Do you hate to use a bathroom without one?

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