Broken Arm

Broken Arm Bathroom Dilemma and Other One Arm Challenges

The other day my friend fell off her horse and broke her left arm. No big deal right? After all it was just her left arm. Well as it turns out she is left handed, she’s a true southpaw. So needless to say this led to some interesting discussions regarding her broken arm bathroom dilemma. While she didn’t think it was funny, I somehow couldn’t stop myself from laughing about the whole ordeal. Especially her stories about her attempt to wipe her behind after using the toilet.

Unfortunately for her she is not ambidextrous by any stretch. One would think that wiping your bottom with your non-dominant hand would be a simple task. Not so fast! Try it sometime. If are right handed try wiping yourself with your left hand. You may be quite surprised how difficult this is. You may also find that you make quite a mess and wish you had a Spaloo Bidet in your bathroom. In the end that was the best solution for my friend as well. Her newly installed Spaloo Bidet was the solution to her broken arm bathroom dilemma.


Other Broken Arm Challenges

We tend to take many things for granted in life. We often don’t realize just how difficult some otherwise routine tasks could become without the use of our dominant hand. So if you break your arm, cut off the tip of your finger, or dislocated your shoulder; you may need some assistance with these simple tasks:

Tying Your Shoes: I am pretty sure you learn how to do this in Kindergarten. But they don’t teach you how to do it with one hand. It’s feasible, but not easy.

Mowing the Lawn: This may be good news. It’s pretty difficult to operate most push mowers with one hand. Looks like your wife will need to take care of this for you while you enjoy a sweet tea on the front porch.

Driving Your Car: For the most part it’s not a huge challenge driving a car with one arm. But what if your right arm is in a cast? Be careful changing the radio station. You don’t want to go off the road and break your other arm. If your car is a stick-shift you better take the bus.

Reaching for Your Wallet: Have you ever tried using your left hand to grab your wallet out of your right rear blue-jeans pocket? Good luck!

Signing Your Name: You may find some resistance from the bank teller when cashing a check. When she compares your signature to the one on file you may have some explaining to do.