Combined Bidet and Toilet: Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Yeast infections bother a lot of women and the problem is almost limited to women. It’s a problem of anatomy. Use of the toilet paper always leaves traces of waste on the skin around the anus, with bacteria and yeast included. At any point the yeast and bacteria may enter the vagina causing infections there. That is why yeast infections bother women more than they bother men.

Any woman who has ever suffered from yeast infection knows the sheer inconvenience and suffering. There is itching, heavy discharge and odor. Yeast infection develops as a result of yeast overgrowth in the gut which results from imbalance between good bacteria and bad bacteria. If you get three or more such infections per year, you have what is medically called recurring yeast infection.

What home remedies are available for yeast infection? Go to the root of the problem! Keeping the private area clean is a good start. The toilet paper is never good enough for cleaning the privates after moving the bowels. It’s like wiping your hands with a dry paper towel without washing them first. There is no cleaning with toilet paper!

You can opt for flushable wipes to clean the privates after using the toilet paper. But flushable wipes create new problems. First, they are expensive and few people can afford to use flushable wipes every day. Secondly, flushable wipes are not really flushable. They do not break down after flushing so they block the plumbing. The so-called flushable wipes are costing households and cities thousands of dollars in blocked systems. Thirdly, they may have irritating cleaning ingredients which you don’t want in your privates!

Your best option is the Spaloo bidet toilet seat. It is a combined bidet and toilet seat in one. The Spaloo bidet toilet seat pampers your most delicate and private area with gentle water and then dries the area with soothing air. It leaves you clean and shower fresh.

With the combined bidet and toilet seat, you can clean the anus thoroughly after moving the bowels. As long as the anus and perineum are kept free from feces, there is no danger from yeast infections in the vagina.

Also, the gentle water will help you to wash away the discharge several times per day, preventing odors.

You can then attack the yeast overgrowth in the gut by taking anti-fungal medicine prescribed by the doctor followed by a course of probiotics to add the healthy flora back into the body. That way you keep the fungus gone!

The combined bidet and toilet seat has many benefits for its users. For women, the combined bidet and toilet is particularly good during menstruation. To keep the vaginal area clean is quite easy with the Spaloo bidet toilet seat. Before you change your sanitary wear, you want to wash the privates first. So while you are still on the toilet seat, you can conveniently clean your private area by simply pressing a button on the wall or on the toilet seat itself. A gentle jet of water will wash the private area. Once you are clean you press another button to dry yourself with a soothing current of air. When you leave the bathroom you are confident of your cleanliness and you know for sure that there are no odors.

Every woman deserves to enjoy better health and the confidence that comes from knowing she’s as clean as can be. “That time of the month” need not mean discomfort and worry any more. That is the beauty of the combined bidet and toilet seat. It keeps you clean all day long.

Whether you’re 22 or 82, visit our product pages to learn more about the Spaloo Primus and Spaloo Classic II bidet toilet combo today.

The Spaloo Bidet Seat Can Help “Aging in Place”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent calculations, senior citizens comprise at least 13% of the nation’s population. Experts predict an increase to more than 20% of the population over the next few decades.

Growing old can become very difficult when a person has had surgery or has had a stroke or suffers from some other debilitating disease. Sometimes the elderly are placed in an assisted care facility so they can get help when they need to get up, to bath or to use the toilet. Yet leaving the family can be emotionally painful.

Many senior citizens are choosing to spend their golden years aging in place. If you’re among them—or soon expect to be—a Spaloo bidet toilet seat is a great investment in quality of life. A bidet seat is installed on the toilet and sprays water over the perineal area after a bowel movement. Then it blows air to dry the area. The bidet can be used to clean up after urination for women. Essentially, the bidet seat takes the place of toilet paper.

Needing the help of a nurse or a family member just to use the toilet may have deep emotional impact as it infringes on the most private part of life. The Spaloo bidet seat can make a huge difference for an aging person. A Spaloo bidet seat is a great advantage for the elderly because:

  • It is affordable to purchase and easy to install.
  • It is easier to use because the elderly person does not use the hands to clean the bum. So even if the elderly person suffers from limited mobility due to Parkinson’s disease, stroke, surgery or ALS, they can easily use the toilet and come out clean. All they do is press buttons and they come out clean!
  • Using it is cheaper than hiring a professional to assist the elderly person.
  • It relieves the discomfort of haemorrhoids and constipation.
  • It helps the elderly person to maintain independence and pride.
  • It eliminates the spread of bacteria so the elderly person suffers less from urinary tract infections.
  • It reduces the cost of toilet paper, quite a huge saving for the elderly who may have limited pension money.

The Spaloo bidet seat means the difference between independence and dependence upon help. It is easy to use, hygienic, gentle on the skin, and saves money. Here is what Dr. Mary Tinetti, chief of geriatrics at Yale Medical School said. “As people get older and frailer, it’s harder for them to do good personal hygiene, particularly if they have arthritis. They can’t maneuver around to wipe or wash themselves effectively. In their attempts, they can even fall from the toilet.”

The Spaloo bidet seat makes going to the toilet safer and cleaner for the elderly. The warm water and soothing air of the easy to install, high-tech Spaloo virtually guarantees pain-free toileting while eliminating the spread of germs and bacteria. It will leave you feeling fresher and cleaner than ever.

One of the greatest benefits of the Spaloo bidet seat is that the elderly person uses the toilet and then the bidet without getting up. This is a very important feature for those who cannot get up on their own. Transferring to the toilet may be difficult. But once the individual is seated, the Spaloo bidet toilet seat ensures that he or she won’t need to get up again until the entire washing and drying process is complete.

Enjoy your golden years more with Spaloo! Visit our product pages to learn more about the Spaloo Primus and Spaloo Classic II bidet toilet seat today.

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