Teenager on a Bidet

Why Everyone Needs a Bidet Toilet Seat

If you have already installed a Bidet in your home, and you travel for work or pleasure as I do, the thing you miss the most when you are on the road is your Bidet Toilet Seat. If you have not installed a Bidet in your home, as of yet; I will share with you the top reasons why everyone needs a bidet toilet seat in their bathroom.

The Top Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Bidet Toilet Seat

  • Feeling Clean and Fresh: Using a Bidet Toilet regularly will leave you feeling clean and fresh all day long.
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Constipation Stomach Pain

Chronic Constipation Relief

In the U.S.A. alone, over 2 million patients visit their physician each year in search of chronic constipation relief. The associated cost of such visits is astronomical, reaching hundreds of millions of dollars annually. For those affected by some form of constipation they often experience three or less stools per week. In extreme cases patients may only have one stool per week.

Constipation can have a different meaning for different people. For some the only symptom is infrequent bowl movements. For others, your condition may be more complex. Constipation may result in hard, painful stools. Read more

Drinking Water

Urinary Tract Infection Prevention

Over 6 million women in the USA visit their physician each year due to a urinary tract infection (UTI). The majority of these UTI’s are bladder infections or Cystitis. The actions that women can take for urinary tract infection prevention can be broken down into 5 distinct categories:

  • Hygiene
  • Diet
  • Activities
  • Medications
  • Clothing

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Bidet Benefits Compared to a Conventional Toilet

Bidets are very common in many countries throughout the globe and are just now gaining popularity in the USA. The extensive list of Bidet benefits has led to an increase of the number of bidets installed and in use in America.

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The Origins of Spaloo

I often get asked just how the Spaloo company came to be? People ask what are the origins of Spaloo? After all, bringing a toilet seat that is popular overseas to an American market is not only risky, but well… involves a little different line of “business” than most folks are used to. Let’s face it, some Americans don’t even know what a bidet toilet seat is, let alone how much more sanitary, eco-friendly and effective using one is than toilet paper.

So, yes… I took on a challenge to market a product in America that is not generally socially accepted. But, that’s ok. My job is to educate everyone about the benefits (and there are many) of a Spaloo. Read more

A Slight Change to the Declaration of Independence

Happy Independence Day! On this day 234 years ago, the famous Declaration of Independence was approved and adopted by Congress, allowing the thirteen colonies to become separate independent states no longer under control of the British Empire.

doiI realize this document is more than just important, and I certainly mean it no disrespect by what I’m about to do… Read more

Bathroom Humor…

Last night I was out to dinner with some friends, and was introduced to a bunch of new acquaintances. Inevitably, the question came up, “What do you do for a living?” Typically, I see my wife cringe with fear, hoping that the asker has fully prepared themselves for my answer, and maintains an open mind.

Neither my wife nor I are ever embarrassed by the fact that we market a bidet toilet seat. There’s no reason to be. But, certainly, there are the unexpected reactions, quizzical glances, and awkward silences that ensue. Let’s just say that when I explain Spaloo and what it does, I sometimes get mixed reactions.

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No One Likes To Talk About Constipation

Being in the toilet bidet seat business, sometimes you have to talk about some unpleasant topics. Trust me, my jokes are often considered “toilet humor”, and my “small talk” often has no boundaries. No one likes to talk about constipation. While not too many people can talk about things relating to going the bathroom, for me, it’s no problem at all. After all, I have built my business around other people’s business. As long as people continue to use a toilet, I have a marketplace for my Spaloo toilet bidet seat. Something tells me that I’ve picked a pretty safe target market.

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Hemorrhoid Sufferers: You Must Read This!

dont-suffer-from-hemorrhoidsWhile browsing through WebMD the other day, I found an astonishing statistic. More than 10 million Americans suffer from hemorrhoids and more than half are estimated to be over age 50. While no one likes to talk about hemorrhoids, I felt that I must bring the subject up, since there are simple ways that may help relieve and heal the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids, and perhaps even prevent them from returning.

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Senior Caregivers: You Must Read This

Anyone who has ever had to take care of a loved one in their aging years knows that it is no easy job. In many cases, there can sometimes be a role reversal, where the parent becomes the child, and the child becomes the parent. This can be a very trying and emotional time for any family.

According to a study released from the AARP as reported in USA Today, an estimated 34 million Americans serve as unpaid senior caregivers for other adults, usually elderly relatives, and they spend an average 21 hours a week helping out.

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