Comedian Ron White: Practically A Spaloo Spokesperson!

I was driving the other day listening to my XM comedy station, when a clip from comedian Ron White came on. If you’ve never heard Ron White before, he is hilarious and quite possibly one of my favorite comedians. Ok, well, maybe I’m a little biased but he would make a great Spaloo Spokesperson.

In his comedy tour and special “Behavioral Problems”, Ron talks about encountering a bidet toilet seat for the first time while staying in a hotel. He may as well be doing an ad for Spaloo! While some of his material may not be considered a suitable approach for me to use in advertising or branding Spaloo, his bit reminds me that people appreciate and respond to the funny side of things.

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Lost Without a Toilet

lostTonight, millions brace themselves for the final episode of the ABC TV drama, LOST. This has been a long time coming. If you are like me, you have been watching these island inhabitants for 6 years now.

When I reflect on just how long I have been rooting for Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, and the gang, I realize it’s been quite a journey for all of us. My youngest was a baby when the show first started, and we didn’t have DVR either. I remember rushing to get him to bed, and crossing our fingers that we would make it through an entire episode with no interruptions. The show is and was addicting. It’s hard to believe that we’re at the end.

Anyone who watches LOST knows there are endless amounts of questions still lingering, and that’s just for the storyline itself. Did you ever wonder about the day to day happenings on the island, or the “behind the scenes” so to speak? Like, how does Kate’s hair always look so nice? Or, how is it that Hurley hasn’t really lost any weight? What are the rules when it comes to claiming food? And, most importantly, what is the island toilet etiquette? Imagine Lost without a Toilet or a Spaloo Bidet?

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Bathroom Humor…

Last night I was out to dinner with some friends, and was introduced to a bunch of new acquaintances. Inevitably, the question came up, “What do you do for a living?” Typically, I see my wife cringe with fear, hoping that the asker has fully prepared themselves for my answer, and maintains an open mind.

Neither my wife nor I are ever embarrassed by the fact that we market a bidet toilet seat. There’s no reason to be. But, certainly, there are the unexpected reactions, quizzical glances, and awkward silences that ensue. Let’s just say that when I explain Spaloo and what it does, I sometimes get mixed reactions.

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Why I Would Love For C.C. Sabithia To Need a Spaloo

Happy Easter!

Today was a beautiful Easter Sunday in most of the country. Spring is finally here! Whether you hid or found eggs, attended church, or put yourself in a sugar coma after raiding your kids’ Easter baskets (ok, so what can I say, the Cadbury Eggs get me every year), I hope you enjoyed your day. Tonight, however, is reserved for baseball.

opening-nightThe Boston Red Sox are officially starting their 2010 season with an opener racked with rivalry. Opening Day (or Opening Night I guess) is happening now against the champion New York Yankees. Why start the 2010 season off with anything less than the largest rivalry in baseball?

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