Labor Day Sale

The car dealers have President’s Day and the major retailers have Black Friday. When is a good time to run a sale event on bidet toilet seats? Well, a Labor Day sale seems like great idea.

After all, for those that are hard at work, or those that hardly work, who doesn’t appreciate a spa-like toilet seat with a remote control? Beyond the serious benefits that a Spaloo bidet seat offers, using one just feels good, plain and simple. Reward yourself with the same experience. Read more

$75 Off a Spaloo Bidet Seat Ends Soon!

75dollarsJust wanted to remind everyone that the $75 discount on a Spaloo bidet seat ends this week: Wednesday, June 30th. Order one today and experience hands-free cleaning!

SPECIAL OFFER: Order a Spaloo at our online store, by June 30th, and receive $75 off your purchase.

To receive your $75 discount, order today and enter coupon code FATHER during checkout.

Any questions, please email me:

Comedian Ron White: Practically A Spaloo Spokesperson!

I was driving the other day listening to my XM comedy station, when a clip from comedian Ron White came on. If you’ve never heard Ron White before, he is hilarious and quite possibly one of my favorite comedians. Ok, well, maybe I’m a little biased but he would make a great Spaloo Spokesperson.

In his comedy tour and special “Behavioral Problems”, Ron talks about encountering a bidet toilet seat for the first time while staying in a hotel. He may as well be doing an ad for Spaloo! While some of his material may not be considered a suitable approach for me to use in advertising or branding Spaloo, his bit reminds me that people appreciate and respond to the funny side of things.

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Give Dad The Remote…

primus-remoteFather’s Day is June 20th, which is just around the corner. If you know a Dad (or are a Dad) who likes to use the remote control (and maybe he’s king of the throne?), then a Spaloo Primus is definitely the perfect gift. Give dad the remote….

Complete with a remote control that helps control the water direction, temperature, heated seat and more, the Spaloo Primus takes your toilet experience to a whole new level.

It’s without a doubt that giving or receiving a Spaloo toilet bidet seat is quite possibly the most clever, highly useful, enjoyable, and most appreciated gift one can think of. You’ll definitely top your other siblings when you explain what you got Dad this year. Which do you think he would appreciate more: a toilet seat with a remote control that not only washes and dries you, but has a heated seat… or the standard tie or cologne he’s bound to get from one of you?

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