Cleaning a Toilet is More Interesting Than Lebron

Anyone who has been flipping through the stations recently in an effort to get away from news stories on Lebron James and his decision to play for Miami (Really? Do we need to hear anymore?!) may have stumbled across a new Clorox commercial: Ode to The Commode. “Cleaning a Toilet is More Interesting Than Lebron.”

This ad does a great job of running down all of the common terms and nicknames for a toilet (from “latrine” to “porcelain throne”), while displaying a slideshow of various types of toilets over the years. Some may not think of this as a superb commercial, but to a toilet guy, it’s pretty neat.

Check it out here:

Of course, I only rate it an A-…. it’s clearly missing a Spaloo!

PS: Do you think Lebron refers to his toilet as the “throne” since he thinks he’s king?