Comedian Ron White: Practically A Spaloo Spokesperson!

I was driving the other day listening to my XM comedy station, when a clip from comedian Ron White came on. If you’ve never heard Ron White before, he is hilarious and quite possibly one of my favorite comedians. Ok, well, maybe I’m a little biased but he would make a great Spaloo Spokesperson.

In his comedy tour and special “Behavioral Problems”, Ron talks about encountering a bidet toilet seat for the first time while staying in a hotel. He may as well be doing an ad for Spaloo! While some of his material may not be considered a suitable approach for me to use in advertising or branding Spaloo, his bit reminds me that people appreciate and respond to the funny side of things.

True, a bidet toilet seat like Spaloo is a product that offers many “serious” benefits such as helping the elderly or those with limited mobility, providing relief to hemorrhoid or constipation sufferers, or assisting those with arthritis or other injuries.

Those are all great reasons to buy a Spaloo toilet bidet seat. But at the end of the day, let’s face it…a Spaloo is cool! It feels great, and is probably the most amazing toilet seat you’ll ever encounter.

For those that need a little of the “bathroom humor” approach to appreciate it, below is a link to a YouTube video of Ron White’s bidet bit. After all, I’m just a toilet guy. I can try to make bidet seats funny, but I can’t come close to competing with providing the antics, facial expressions, or sheer sarcastic tone of a professional like Ron. I’ll let him do his job, while I do mine. Consider it my Father’s Day gift to you….enjoy!

After Ron has convinced you that you need a Spaloo TODAY, head on over to our store to pick one up (and here’s a hint, see last week’s post for a $75 discount that is still valid). It’s as easy as cake– just kidding!