A TV location sound recordist, Bruce Santhuff traveled frequently for work. While visiting Japan to film a segment honoring the post-WWII armistice, he encountered his first “shower toilet” and quickly recognized its superiority. Not only did cleaning with a spray of water feel better than toilet paper, it was also more effective and sanitary. And while the bidet toilet seat was standard in Eastern culture, he realized that millions of Americans could benefit from the same technology—if they had access to it.

Once home in Washington DC, with his wife Kate and their two children, Bruce contemplated bringing the bidet toilet seat to the states. Though most of his friends and family thought he was crazy, he began researching the import process. Finding the right name for the product took more than a year. Fortunately, inspiration struck as he was getting a massage, and the couple decided to combine “spa” with “loo” (the quirky yet classic British term for bathroom) to capture the essence of their new product.

But naming the bidet toilet seat was actually the easy part. The Santhuff’s still had to form an LLC corporation, develop a logo, find a manufacturer willing to private label, choose a product that they could sell for a reasonable price, find an importer, select a warehouse, hire a fulfillment manager, apply for a trademark, secure a toll free number and contract with a call center to take orders. They managed to do it all using personal capital—no investors.

The result is what you see before you on this website today, the Spaloo Primus and Spaloo Classic II bidet toilet seat. Combining the comfort of the spa with the latest in bathroom technology, Spaloo is poised to keep America cleaner and more comfortable for years to come.

The Spaloo bidet toilet combo is the world’s healthiest way to clean. Gentle water washes away everything toilet paper leaves behind.