Designing a Senior Friendly Bathroom

As seniors age, using the bathroom effectively becomes a greater challenge as every year passes. It can become more and more difficult to use the toilet, operate the faucets, or even take a bath or shower. As we age, time takes its toll on our bodies and it may become difficult to simply stand in the shower. You may not have the strength to stand for an extended period and you may no longer have the mobility to climb in and out of the bathtub.

Fortunately there are plenty of new products on the market today to create a senior friendly bathroom. Your bathroom makeover could encompass anything from simple changes such as new sprayer attachments so you can sit while showering to more extensive upgrades such as a curb-less tub for easy access or a Spaloo Bidet for easy cleansing after using the toilet.

Top Design Options for a Senior Friendly Bathroom

Showerhead Sprayer Attachment: Installing a handheld showerhead attachment will allow you to take a shower while sitting on a bathtub bench. For seniors who struggle with standing unsupported, the handheld showerhead will give you the independence to shower on your own.

Lever Faucets: As you lose strength in your hands or suffer from Arthritis, it can become difficult to operate a conventional faucet. Installing a lever faucet eliminates the difficult task of turning the knobs on a standard fixture.

Grab Rails: Installing grab rails in both the bathtub area and adjacent to the toilet can provide some stability for seniors who struggle with balance and have mobility issues. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to transform your lavatory to a more senior friendly bathroom and make it more accessible for the elderly.

Curb-less Shower Stalls & Walk-in Tubs: When we age and lose strength and flexibility and we begin to struggle with mobility; it can be a challenge to simply get in and out of the tub or shower. Installing a curb-less shower stall or a walk-in bathtub with a swing door can provide easy access and make entry far less intimidating. The elderly are often injured as they try to climb over a standard tub. A curb-less shower or walk-in tub can eliminate this risk. Be sure to add non-slip bath mats both inside the tub or shower and on the floor adjacent to the tub.

Spaloo Bidet: One of the latest innovations for a senior friendly bathroom is the Spaloo Bidet. This is a simple add-on for your existing toilet that makes cleaning up after using the toilet much easier and more hygienic. A Spaloo Toilet Seat Bidet will boost your confidence and leave you feeling cleaner and fresher after using the toilet.