Fist Full of Cash

Do Bidets Reduce Costs | Yes They Pay For Themselves

When shopping for a bidet you may be concerned about the cost. The truth of the matter is that bidets reduce costs and will actually reduce your monthly expenses. So if you are into pinching pennies, the bathroom is a good place to start.

Have you ever tallied the annual costs of toilet paper? You may be surprised or even shocked if you add up your toilet paper consumption for a year and the associated cost. This is one of the most notable areas where bidets reduce costs and decrease your monthly expenses. In addition to your financial outlay, the production of toilet paper places a large burden on the environment.

If you install a bidet and use it every time you go to the bathroom, you will drastically reduce your toilet paper consumption. In many cases, you can virtually eliminate the need for toilet paper at all. Ok, keep a roll on the spool for nostalgia.

The question becomes; will the savings in toilet paper offset the cost of electricity and the cost for the initial purchase of the bidet itself? So we need to compare operating costs vs just how much bidets reduce costs each year.

The Annual Cost of Toilet Paper:

A typical person will usually spend about $1 per week on toilet paper, or about $50 per year. Meaning that a family of four will spend about $200 a year on toilet paper alone. Of course this can vary greatly depending on your habits and where you live. Not to mention the quality of the brand you choose.

The Annual Operating Costs of a Bidet:

Again, this can vary greatly depending on where you live, how you utilize your bidet, and your utility costs. The electrical power required to heat the water and warm the bidet seat would cost about $30 a year for a family of four. The water stream, while very powerful yet gentle, consumes a very small volume of water. Your annual water consumption cost will likely be about $2 for the family.

How Much do Bidets Reduce Costs on an Annual Basis:

Doing some simple math; if the annual savings of toilet paper is $200, and the cost of water plus electricity is only $32, your net annual savings is $168 for a family of four. So let’s assume for a minute that I am terrible at math, or you enjoy your bidet so much that you run the water longer; you can still easily save $150 per year. So it looks like you will get a return on your investment after all.