Going Green

eco_friendlyI hope everyone had a nice St. Patrick’s Day this past week. There certainly was a lot of green around- the Chicago River, shamrocks, food coloring enhanced beer, as well as all of the cash that was spent on corned beef and cabbage and cover charges at cramped Irish bars.

Speaking of green, what have you been doing lately to be green? We hear a lot these days about going green, or eco-friendly. Every day there are more and more products coming to market that help make homes more environmentally friendly. There are numerous shows on television that highlight how to make smart renovations or build a home that saves energy, uses recycled materials, or promotes sustainable living. HGTV has even been giving away eco spec homes, this year’s latest wonder in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

With Earth Day just a month away, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the ecological benefits of a bidet toilet seat; or rather the carbon footprint NOT using one creates. So you can start going green.

A Newseek article cites the following: “The average American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper a day; collectively, we burn through 36.5 billion rolls each year. Tossing all the TP in America would save 15 million trees, 17.3 terawatts of electricity, and more than 473 billion gallons of water annually; the environmental impact of bidets is minimal in comparison.”

Reducing or eliminating toilet paper use in one household can have an enormous effect on saving resources and cutting waste, not to mention trimming your budget. This one eco friendly change could easily be considered one of the largest and yet simplest actions you could take this year towards being green.

Give yourself the gift of green living and feel cleaner as well. Spaloo bidet seats clean with a gentle spray of water. You can adjust the temperature, spray position, and even utilize its drying features, heated seat, or remote control. Now that’s modern thinking!

Yours in health,