Hemorrhoid Sufferers: You Must Read This!

dont-suffer-from-hemorrhoidsWhile browsing through WebMD the other day, I found an astonishing statistic. More than 10 million Americans suffer from hemorrhoids and more than half are estimated to be over age 50. While no one likes to talk about hemorrhoids, I felt that I must bring the subject up, since there are simple ways that may help relieve and heal the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids, and perhaps even prevent them from returning.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, I will spare you the embarrassing details of explaining exactly what they are. Chances are, you already know. You sat through the mortifying explanation from your doctor while wriggling your nose and saying “how do I treat them?” Depending upon the severity of your hemorrhoids, your doctor may prescribe medication, creams, lifestyle changes, and in some cases minimally invasive, or even surgical procedures.

Hemorrhoids can be very painful. No matter what your doctor may prescribe as a solution, it is also wise to adopt some lifestyle changes and home remedies. Often, many of these treatments will not only alleviate symptoms and pain, but help to prevent them from returning.

this_toilet_paper_feels_a_bit_roughOne of the biggest recommendations that experts make? LOSE THE DRY TOILET PAPER! Wiping the already painful area with dry TP can make hemorrhoids swell or inflame even more, often making hemorrhoids last even longer. Never mind that it does little to nothing to help bring relief.

Another best practice? KEEP THE AREA CLEAN. Bathing or showering daily in addition to soaking the area in warm water several times a day is recommended by the Mayo Clinic.

Now, let’s put those two together. Not everyone has time to go soak in the tub a few times a day, and TP is the normal method that too many Americans have become used to. A bidet offers a solution for both issues, and then some (after all, any action you take towards increased personal hygiene is well, always a plus, right?).

Luckily, you no longer have to install a separate plumbing fixture or remodel your bathroom to enjoy the benefits of a bidet. By installing a toilet bidet seat such as Spaloo, you simply replace your existing toilet seat with one that offers more options than you could ever image happening right from your toilet. Adjustable spray, temperature control, a heated seat, and even a drying function!

This last one is vital to hemorrhoid sufferers. While it is recommended to soak the area and avoid dry toilet paper, you also want to keep the vicinity free of excess moisture. It is imperative to gently dry the area without causing more irritation. Some sources recommend using a hair dryer. While that may work, I can honestly say I would rather sit there and let my Spaloo dry me than grab my wife’s hair dryer and “dry” myself. Can you imagine if she ever caught me doing that?

I highly recommend making a Spaloo bidet seat a part of your hemorrhoid home treatment and prevention. Many of our customers have told us how Spaloo bidet seats have helped them immensely. There is no reason to live in agony or suffer through painful surgery or procedures.

And certainly, hemorrhoids are not the only ailment that a Spaloo can assist with. There are many benefits to cleaning with water, aside from the ecological and economical. We have developed a list of medical benefits available here.

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PS. My wife really doesn’t like when I talk about her on my blog, but I should mention that when she was pregnant with our second child, she, like many women developed hemorrhoids. Using the Spaloo that we had recently brought to market at the time helped alleviate her symptoms, shortened the healing process, and prevented them from returning. Compared to her first pregnancy where she suffered for almost 6 months with hemorrhoids, Spaloo was a huge relief to her and offered numerous benefits to her both during pregnancy and post delivery.