Labor Day Sale

The car dealers have President’s Day and the major retailers have Black Friday. When is a good time to run a sale event on bidet toilet seats? Well, a Labor Day sale seems like great idea.

After all, for those that are hard at work, or those that hardly work, who doesn’t appreciate a spa-like toilet seat with a remote control? Beyond the serious benefits that a Spaloo bidet seat offers, using one just feels good, plain and simple. Reward yourself with the same experience.

As we wind down summer and head into my favorite and most short-lived season of the year, I have decided to run the largest Spaloo discount offer ever. I feel so confident that you will more than love a Spaloo Primus, that I am giving you a Benjamin to prove it. Yes, that’s right- $100.


SPECIAL OFFER: Order a Spaloo Primus at our online store, by September 7th and receive $100 off your purchase. Simply enter coupon code LABORDAY during checkout.

To read more about the Spaloo Primus, visit

Enjoy your week and long weekend ahead!


*Offer expires September 7, 2010. $100 discount is only valid on the Spaloo Primus model when purchased at the above mentioned web store only.