Clean Toilet

More Bacteria than your Toilet Seat: A Shocking List

Ever wonder how many deadly bacteria are lurking on your toilet seat? For something used multiple times a day you may think the porcelain throne is just a host for millions of bacteria. Well, it turns out you should be more worried about cell phones and sponges than that dingy seat. Be prepared to be shocked by these items that are crawling with even more bacteria than your toilet seat.

  • Cell Phones: For something that touches our face and is placed inches away from our mouth, we would like to think it doesn’t carry any bacteria. In reality, cell phones carry about 10 times more bacteria than your toilet seat.
  • Laundry: Clean laundry, actually, may be contaminated from dirty underwear that’s transferred E. coli into the washing machine. Toilet seats are too dry to hold the same amount of bacteria, so stop worrying about the toilet and disinfect your washer with bleach.
  • Wallets: Wallets are definitely an item we like to keep close, but sometimes it may be a little too close. Traveling with you wherever you go includes pit stops like restrooms, bars and clubs. Every time you sit your wallet down it picks up bacteria and brings it along for the ride. Your money may be safe if you never let that wallet out of your sight, but the money inside could host at least 200,000 bacteria!
  • Cutting board: Raw meat can carry a high amount of fecal matter and chopping up that chicken may leave traces of fecal matter on your cutting board.
  • Kitchen sponge: Even if it’s getting plenty of air circulation, a sponge is constantly resting in a pool of water, providing the perfect moist environment for bacteria growth. Did you use it to wash that cutting board? In addition to the 10 million bacteria per square inch, it may have also absorbed fecal matter from meats.
  • Pet food bowl: Think it’s gross when Fido takes a few gulps of toilet water? When he licks the inside of his own dish, he’s actually picking up about 7 times more bacteria than your toilet seat has. You wash your plates after every meal so don’t forget about your furry friend’s favorite dish!
  • Your carpet: Constantly collecting dead skin cells, pollen, and dander, carpets carry 200,000 bacteria per square inch. You could be stepping on more than just a fluffy surface including bacteria like E. coli and salmonella.

It may be disgusting how much bacteria lingers around us because we can’t see it. But with the bacteria-ridden toilet seat starring back at us every day, we feel inclined to keep it as clean as possible. Don’t forget to clean everything else that gets used every day because they are the sneaky sources holding more bacteria than your toilet seat.