Shoulder Arthritis Pain

My Shoulder Arthritis Pain makes it Difficult to Wipe

As we age, the wear and tear on our joints takes its toll. For many of us, Arthritis sets in and causes irreparable damage. If you experience a severe case of shoulder arthritis pain, simple daily tasks can become difficult if not impossible to accomplish. You might even struggle just to wipe your bottom after using the toilet. Not to worry, Spaloo to the rescue!

If your shoulder arthritis pain has reached the point of limiting your motion; you should consider installing a Spaloo bidet in the bathroom. Using a bidet to clean up after using the toilet will eliminate the need to reach behind to wipe. So if your shoulder arthritis pain is so intense that you can’t reach, problem solved. If you currently need assistance wiping after you use the bathroom, you can regain your independence.

What Causes Shoulder Arthritis Pain

The pain felt in your shoulder may due to bone on bone contact in your shoulder joint. Normally your shoulder has a smooth cartilage that covers the surfaces of the joint. When this cartilage is worn away on the humeral head (the ball) and the glenoid (the socket) the pain becomes intense.
The erosion of the cartilage in your shoulder could be the result of one of these circumstances:

  • Wear & Tear: The damage in your shoulder could simply be the result of long-term wear and tear on the joint. This is particularly true for aging adults who participated in sports for many years. Just imagine how much wear your shoulder would be subjected to if you played tennis every day for 50 years!
  • Injury: Many athletes can develop arthritis later in life as the result of an injury years ago. This is very common for those who played contact sports like football or ice hockey.
  • Surgery: You may have undergone a surgical procedure on your shoulder years ago leaving your joint in an unnatural position. This misalignment can accelerate the erosion of the cartilage and lead to premature arthritis.

Eliminating Shoulder Arthritis Pain

Unfortunately, eliminating shoulder arthritis pain is not as simple as popping a pill each day. While medication may reduce the inflammation in the joint and provide temporary relief, it won’t solve the problem.

In some minor cases, daily exercises can reduce the pain somewhat. Performing certain exercises regularly can free up the joint and improve your posture which can possibly help the alignment of the joint. More often than not, the solution will be surgery which could be a total shoulder replacement or a procedure known as a ream and run.

In the interim, or while recovering from shoulder surgery; a Spallo Bidet can provide some relief while using the bathroom.