No One Likes To Talk About Constipation

Being in the toilet bidet seat business, sometimes you have to talk about some unpleasant topics. Trust me, my jokes are often considered “toilet humor”, and my “small talk” often has no boundaries. No one likes to talk about constipation. While not too many people can talk about things relating to going the bathroom, for me, it’s no problem at all. After all, I have built my business around other people’s business. As long as people continue to use a toilet, I have a marketplace for my Spaloo toilet bidet seat. Something tells me that I’ve picked a pretty safe target market.

seniors-are-prone-to-constipationBeing in the business, however, I have learned a lot about various ailments and health concerns. You may want to read my earlier post that talks about the benefits a toilet bidet seat such as Spaloo can offer hemorrhoid sufferers. In hearing further feedback from customers and caretakers, I have also learned that using a bidet toilet seat may help those who suffer from constipation.

I realize that no one really likes to bring up the subject of constipation. The reality, however is that it is a very common health issue among Americans, especially in the elderly. Going the bathroom infrequently, straining or having difficulty going, or having hard stool are all symptoms of constipation. Most people have experienced constipation at least one time in their lives.

What many people do not realize, however, is that this issue is more prevalent in the elderly. Often a side effect of certain medications, many seniors experience pain and discomfort associated with constipation.

If you read any information on this topic, you will see that most experts recommend some or all of the following to cure this problem:

  • drinking more water
  • adding more fiber to the diet
  • certain exercises
  • “go” when you have the urge to

These are all well known solutions. But for those that are plagued with frequent constipation, this may not be enough. So, here’s the big tip that not nearly enough people know about: Many people have had success with using a bidet or bidet toilet seat to help with constipation problems. How? Well, think about it for a moment. Using a bidet seat can somewhat mimic the effects of an enema. Having water flow in the nether region can help stimulate your body to go. Bidet seats such as Spaloo offer an adjustable stream (and temperature -for many, this is key), which can lend a helping hand to the process your body seems to be fighting. Using a Spaloo regularly may help those who suffer from constipation move their bowels more often, simply by using the power of water.

I highly recommend making a Spaloo bidet seat a part of your constipation home treatment and prevention. Many of our customers have told us how Spaloo bidet seats helped relieve their symptoms.

There are numerous additional health benefits associated with cleaning with water, hands free (aside from the ecological and economical). We have developed a list of medical benefits available here.

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Yours in Health,