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Spaloo Bidet Toilet Seats Render Wet Wipes Obsolete

You have been using wet wipes for years to clean yourself after using the bathroom because they provide a better cleaning than dry toilet paper. However, wet wipes come with their own issues, including a high cost and a high potential for skin irritation. What if I told you there is a product that cleans better, costs less, is easier on your septic system, and better for the environment than wet wipes? Well, there is and the product is called a Spaloo bidet toilet seat which will render wet wipes obsolete.

A Spaloo toilet seat cleans with a gentle spray of water and dries with a warm stream of air so it is the best way to clean after toileting, short of taking a shower. Obviously, we don’t have time to take a shower after every trip to the lavatory, but the Spaloo operates with the touch of a button and cleans within seconds. Not only is the Spaloo bidet hygienic and time efficient, but the toilet seat is also a cheaper and safer alternative than cleaning with wet wipes.

Within weeks of purchase, a Spaloo bidet will start saving you money by eliminating the need for you to purchase wet wipes and toilet paper. In the long run, a Spaloo toilet seat will also reduce the strain on your plumbing and septic system, decreasing the chance of a costly repair. Also, did you know that baby wipes are made with preservatives and chemicals that can irritate skin? Removing wet wipes from your toilet routine is a cheap way to increase your comfort and decrease the chance of an uncomfortable reaction in your friends and family.

Another cost of wet wipes is the environmental burden of production. Like traditional toilet paper, wet wipes are produced from natural resources such as cotton and paper products. The worldwide shipping of wipes to stores burns fossil fuels and compounds the environmental tax of wet wipe production. Since a Spaloo bidet toilet seat cleans with water and dries with air the environmental cost is far less.

There really is no reason not to install a Spaloo bidet in your home. The toilet seat has hygienic benefits, financial benefits and environmental benefits that outweigh wet wipe and toilet paper use. Install a Spaloo bidet today to see firsthand how your family and friends, and the earth as a whole, will benefit, as you make wet wipes obsolete in your household.