Spaloo Primus | The World’s Best Bidet Toilet Seat

Primus 300H - Water bidet toilet seat
The Spaloo Primus is Spaloo’s top-of-the-line luxury bidet toilet seat! It features a hand-held wall mountable remote control for easy access. Would you like to turn your toilet into a spa and enjoy a healthier way to clean? If so, the Spaloo Primus is the bidet toilet seat for you. Featuring a hand-held wall mountable remote control for easy access, it uses an extendable wand to clean delicate body parts with a gentle yet thorough spray of warm water. Supremely effective and hygienic, this bidet toilet combo will leave you feeling refreshed, comfortable and confident that you’re clean.

Chrome nozzle spraying x150W - Warm water bidet toilet seatFrom the heated seat and adjustable water and air to elongated and round options, the Spaloo Primus toilet with bidet includes every feature available on any other current model bidet toilet seat. It’s easy to install and even easier to use. Just touch a button for cleansing water and then drying air. Manufactured in white—the most popular toilet color—it will easily blend into any bathroom’s décor.

Designed for use by the entire family, the Spaloo Primus is the healthiest way to stay clean. It’s especially useful if you’re living with a chronic health condition like hemorrhoids or constipation, age or surgery-related lack of mobility, limited flexibility, or debilitating disease. Whatever your situation, a Spaloo bidet toilet seat will truly improve your life!


  • Push-button remote control
  • Rear and bidet cleansing
  • On demand continuous warm water
  • Adjustable water pressure and temp
  • Adjustable seat temperature
  • Adjustable temperature air dryer
  • Power wash
  • Massage and pulse wash
  • Adjustable nozzle position
  • Chrome nozzle
  • Neutral color
  • Learning energy save
  • Child friendly settings
  • One Year Factory Warranty

Spaloo Primus – $499

Choose Size Either Standard Round or Elongated :