Suffering From ALS a Spaloo Bidet Can Make You Happier

I know that your ALS/MS diagnosis has been one of the most difficult things for you to deal with. Especially since the disease sapped your independence and left you in a constant need of assistance. Even the most personal of acts, using the toilet, has become a cause of embarrassment for you. I can tell that the frustration has been mentally burdensome and I don’t blame you. I would have a hard time allowing another person to clean me after using the bathroom. That’s why I am excited to tell you about a new solution I have found. It is called the Spaloo bidet toilet seat and it promises to return your bathroom independence if you are suffering from ALS or MS.

If you have been suffering from ALS/MS you have been forced to change your bathroom habits. Currently, you’re using a caretaker to help you in the toilet, but a bidet toilet seat from Spaloo can change that. The bidet toilet seat is easy to install and even easier to use. After you are finished using the toilet, you can simply press one button to activate the bidet. You will be cleaned by a gentle stream of warm water which will rinse away all the bacteria. The Spaloo bidet is the solution for you to restore your dignity in the bathroom.

You have mentioned that cleaning yourself has become a labor. I’ve heard that toilet paper is delicate and too difficult to handle while the flexibility required on the toilet makes cleaning yourself nearly impossible. Spaloo has products that will eliminate the need for you to struggle with toilet paper and flexibility. Also, after the warm stream of water cleans you, a warm air dryer will finish the job.

Besides the simple function and effective cleaning, there are other advantages to owning a Spaloo toilet seat. Most of all, the seat will eliminate the need for someone to clean you, which I know will increase your dignity. Even if we still have to hire a caretaker to help in other ways, the bathroom should remain a private act for you. With a Spaloo bidet toilet seat, it will.

Lastly, a Spaloo will be a great asset for us and your caretaker because it will make helping you easier. My primary concern is your happiness, but it is also important that your caretakers are able to do their job to help you. Since you can operate a Spaloo bidet toilet seat electronically, there is no longer a physical or technical requirement for your caretaker in the bathroom.

To be clean and independent when suffering from ALS/MS, I think we should consider installing a Spaloo bidet toilet seat in your home. I have read about the proven quality and improved bathroom experience from other Spaloo users and I believe the bidet seat will be truly life changing. I care about you deeply and I want to see you happy. I think that a Spaloo bidet toilet seat is the perfect way to give you back your dignity and leave you feeling clean and refreshed.