Baby Wipes

Spaloo Bidet Toilet Seats Render Wet Wipes Obsolete

You have been using wet wipes for years to clean yourself after using the bathroom because they provide a better cleaning than dry toilet paper. However, wet wipes come with their own issues, including a high cost and a high potential for skin irritation. What if I told you there is a product that cleans better, costs less, is easier on your septic system, and better for the environment than wet wipes? Well, there is and the product is called a Spaloo bidet toilet seat which will render wet wipes obsolete.

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Environmental Tree

Bidets Save Trees, Water, and…You!

Sure, bidets only use 1/8 of a gallon of water compared to the 4 gallons most toilets use, but how can bidets save trees? Think about how much toilet paper you go through in a year. How does 20,000 sheets sound? That’s how many sheets the average person goes through in a year, and all Americans combined use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper a year.

Switching to a bidet could completely eliminate the use of toilet paper in your household. Yep, 20,000 sheets could turn into 0. You would be saving 1.5 pounds of wood per toilet paper roll and if every American made the switch, 15 million trees could be saved. By eliminating the need to buy toilet paper, not only do bidets save trees, but they’ll be saving you some green too!

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