Toilet Paper Orientation

Toilet Paper Orientation Over vs Under Which is Correct?

For some people this topic is considered useless trivia. For others the discussion of Toilet Paper orientation is a genuine concern. These fanatics are still at odds as to whether a roll of toilet paper should be installed with the leading edge over the roll or under the roll. Let’s take a look at their argument:

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Toilet Paper Dimensions

The Great Shrinking Toilet Paper Conspiracy of 2015

Is it just me or is my toilet paper shrinking. Or is the problem that my hands (and my bottom) are getting bigger? I don’t think so, I am pretty sure the problem is the great shrinking toilet paper conspiracy of 2015.

Earlier in the year I noticed that my toilet paper roll was just a little narrower. At first I thought that maybe, just maybe I was imagining things. Or perhaps it was some off brand that I purchased. The roll of toilet paper seemed to have a profuse gap on either side when placed in the toilet paper holder. Read more

Toilet Paper History

Toilet Paper History | Inventor Seth Wheeler

For you toilet paper historians out there, you may be wondering how the perforated toilet paper roll came to be. Here is a toilet paper history lesson to help you solve the mystery:

According to the U.S Patent office, entrepreneur Seth Wheeler was the first to patent rolled and perforated toilet paper. The initial patent was issued by the U.S. Patent office July 25th, 1871 under Patent number 117,355. Read more

Fist Full of Cash

Do Bidets Reduce Costs | Yes They Pay For Themselves

When shopping for a bidet you may be concerned about the cost. The truth of the matter is that bidets reduce costs and will actually reduce your monthly expenses. So if you are into pinching pennies, the bathroom is a good place to start.

Have you ever tallied the annual costs of toilet paper? You may be surprised or even shocked if you add up your toilet paper consumption for a year and the associated cost. This is one of the most notable areas where bidets reduce costs and decrease your monthly expenses. In addition to your financial outlay, the production of toilet paper places a large burden on the environment. Read more

Empty Toilet Paper Roll

The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 1973

For those of us who are fans of late night TV and are old enough to remember our favorite host Johnny Carson. You probably remember the King of late night for his hilarious antics and sarcastic comments on anything from politics to sports. What you may not remember is how he caused “The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 1973.”

Times were tough in 1973 with the crash of the stock market and an Arab oil embargo that led to inflated oil and gas prices. The shortage of electricity, gasoline, and even onions, was the beginning of a crisis for the American public. For some of us, Johnny Carson lifted our spirits in these trying times with his playful pranks and his signature late night monologue.

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