The Origins of Spaloo

I often get asked just how the Spaloo company came to be? People ask what are the origins of Spaloo? After all, bringing a toilet seat that is popular overseas to an American market is not only risky, but well… involves a little different line of “business” than most folks are used to. Let’s face it, some Americans don’t even know what a bidet toilet seat is, let alone how much more sanitary, eco-friendly and effective using one is than toilet paper.

So, yes… I took on a challenge to market a product in America that is not generally socially accepted. But, that’s ok. My job is to educate everyone about the benefits (and there are many) of a Spaloo.

Spaloo Logo Enfold 340x156I didn’t set out to be a toilet guy, however. It was on a trip to Japan that I experienced my first toilet bidet seat in my hotel. Often referred to as “shower toilets”, these units are the norm in Japan, appearing in most homes and public restrooms. I was very intrigued at first. After trying it, I realized that using a bidet toilet seat was much more sanitary, it felt good, and I immediately recognized that there are countless people who would benefit greatly from this product.

Over the next year I contemplated bringing the “shower toilet” to America. Most of my friends and family thought the idea was a little risky, if not completely crazy. But, I did my homework, and Spaloo was born. Choosing the name proved a little difficult at first, however– it took me almost a year. One day while getting a massage, the word “Spa” came to mind. Combining it with the quirky yet classic British term “loo” clicked, and I realized it was the perfect word to capture the essence of our product.

Ten years ago, if someone had told me that I would be selling bidet toilet seats, I would have told them they were crazy. But today, I would have it no other way.

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Yours In Health,