Toilet Paper Orientation

Toilet Paper Orientation Over vs Under Which is Correct?

For some people this topic is considered useless trivia. For others the discussion of Toilet Paper orientation is a genuine concern. These fanatics are still at odds as to whether a roll of toilet paper should be installed with the leading edge over the roll or under the roll. Let’s take a look at their argument:

Benefits of Over the Top Toilet Paper Orientation:

Locating the End of the Roll: By mounting the toilet paper roll with the leading edge over the top, it is much easier to find the end of the roll. Cleanliness: When mounted over the top, the free end of a roll of toilet paper will dangle freely in the air. An under-slug roll will lay on bottom of the recessed mount and collect germs. Easier to Tear: When a roll is mounted in the over-slug position it is easier to tear the toilet paper at the perforations using only one hand. In the underslung orientation you may need to use your other hand to steady the roll so it won’t unravel. Save Your Knuckles: When a toilet paper roll is mounted in an under-slung orientation you may scrape your knuckles on the holder while trying to find the leading edge inside the recessed mount.

Benefits of Under Slung Toilet Paper Orientation

Pet Dangers: If you have a curious cat, you may need to mount your toilet paper in an under slung orientation so your pet doesn’t unravel the entire roll. RV’s and Travel Trailers: When driving down the highway a roll of toilet paper may tend to unwind. Mounting it in the under-slung position may prevent this.

Seth Wheeler Patent

What’s the verdict?

In a recent survey of toilet paper users, the overwhelming response is that toilet paper should be mounted in the over-slung position. Over 70 percent of those surveyed prefer feel that this is the correct way to orient your toilet paper.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at this 1891 patent No 465588 by Seth Wheeler. It is clear in Wheelers patent that the roll of toilet paper is oriented so that the leading edge comes over the top of the roll.

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Other Useless Toilet Paper Orientation Survey Data:

  • Up to 50% of people actually pay attention to toilet paper orientation
  • One in 5 bathroom visitors will flip the toilet paper roll around if it is mounted incorrectly
  • Americans waste 30 minutes annually searching for the end to the toilet paper roll