Kids Bathroom

Using a Bidet Will Improve Kids Hygiene

As parents, we spend much of our time trying to teach our children about life and helping them develop good habits. Proper hygiene should be on the list of life lessons. One of the simplest ways to improve kids hygiene is to install a bidet in your bathroom. A Spaloo Bidet is easy to install, easy to use, and is a great way for kids to develop good hygiene habits.

Children, and in particular younger kids, often don’t do a good job cleaning up after they use the toilet. Using water from a bidet will clean far better than toilet paper alone, eliminating bacteria and it will certainly improve kids hygiene. When young kids use toilet paper it often tears and they may transmit bacteria to their hands. Then if they rub their eyes before washing their hands; the next thing you know they have an eye infection. If they rinse with a bidet, the fecal matter is washed away. Bacteria are eliminated and a simple pat with paper or use of the air dryer and they are done.

Kids are notorious for using too much toilet paper, and often to blame for the dreaded toilet clog. How many times have you needed to follow behind your children with the plunger in hand? Let the water do the work and your kids can go from over-wiping to not wiping at all. Teaching kids to use a bidet will reduce or eliminate your toilet paper usage and cut your expenses.

Using a Spaloo Bidet will not only improve kids hygiene, it will also boost their self-esteem. Wiping with conventional toilet paper can leave behind small bits of paper and fecal matter that in turn creates an odor. Younger children don’t necessarily shower every day as adults do. In lieu of a daily shower, a bidet can properly clean their bottom and improve kids hygiene. Boost your child’s self-esteem by educating them on personal hygiene and teaching them how to use your bidet. Improving their confidence can translate to success in life in the long run. Proper hygiene can propel their self-confidence to a level that helps them achieve greatness.

Using a Spaloo bidet can keep your kids happy and healthy. Rinsing with water after using the toilet will fight off bacteria and prevent infections. Start teaching your kids about good hygiene early on so they can develop good habits that will stick with them for life.