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Senior Caregivers: You Must Read This

Anyone who has ever had to take care of a loved one in their aging years knows that it is no easy job. In many cases, there can sometimes be a role reversal, where the parent becomes the child, and the child becomes the parent. This can be a very trying and emotional time for […]

The Super Bowl: Not Just a Football Game

As we all get ready to watch the “big game” tonight, I realize all too well that when most people hear the term “Super Bowl”, they think of the yearly rivalry between two football teams for the ultimate championship. Let’s not also forget, of course, that it is the culmination of some of the most […]

Are You In Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day! While you might think it’s a stretch for one to be “in love” with their toilet seat, our customers tell us differently. After all, think about the relationship you and your toilet seat have: you see each other every day, often multiple times a day you are on a very personal level […]

So What Exactly Is a “Toilet Bidet Seat?”

For those of you unfamiliar with Spaloo, or what a bidet toilet seat really is, I have decided to give you a little info. After all, a bidet in any shape or form is not very commonplace here in America. And, while we don’t always like to talk about such “personal” topics, it’s probably time […]

Calling All Spaloo Users….

Tell Us Why You Think Your Spaloo Is The Best Seat In The House! We’re looking for testimonials. We’re working to get the word out about Spaloo, and what better way to do so than to hear from those who use it every day? Please tell us what you love most about your Spaloo. Is […]

Welcome To The Spaloo Blog!

t’s a new year and the perfect time to begin a Spaloo blog! 2010 is destined to be a very exciting year for Spaloo, as we continue educating the American public about the benefits of a bidet toilet seat. Stay tuned for noteworthy product announcements and information, customer feedback, and general interest stories that we […]